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March 30, 2020


Dear Church Family;


We have all been watching the spread of the COVID-19 virus as it has continued to spread through the country and NY state.  We know that we have a God that is bigger than any sickness or disease or any situation that we may face. Praise Him!


Recently our Governor; Andrew Cuomo, has extended the social distancing through April 15th; we are planning to continue our online format for an additional two weeks through the April 12th Easter service. It is important that as Christians we are under the authority of our government and follow their direction in times like this.  We want all our people as safe as can be!  We will still meet for our services online through Facebook and then have them posted on our YouTube channel as well. Please continue to join us there.


All other mid-week services, group bible studies, prayer and gatherings continue to be cancelled or online as we have done for the last two weeks.


Church, please do not let this time of isolation slip away.  This is a time that growth can and will occur; if we are willing to meet with God more frequently than before.  In light of this, we are calling all members of the church and anyone else that would join us to take April 1st and make it a day of prayer and fasting.  The emphasis of our call is on prayer.  Pray for our land to be healed from the COVID-19 virus; our governmental leaders make wise decisions to protect the population and for lost souls to come to a saving relationship in Jesus.  There are multiple other needs and we encourage you to add to your list that you take to the Lord.  Heartfelt prayer and fasting have always produced good fruit in God’s people!


We still encourage you to share the online messages with family and friends.  They may not step foot in church for a service but may join us online and have a Jesus encounter. 


STARVE THE FEAR FEED YOUR FAITH! The Lord will carry us through to the other side.


Be healthy, be safe and BE with the Lord!


Thank you and Love from;


Pastor Dave, Pastor Jacob,

Elders Brian, Dave, and Terry

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