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August 6th, 2023 ~ Announcements

  • Suddenly Bible Study - Mondays, 6:30 PM at Stoneleigh.  Study is open to everyone.

  • Women’s Ministry – No August Meeting

  • Membership? - Are you a member of the church of would you like to be?  Sign up at the Information Counter or send pastor an email at

  • Third Day Worship Centre Revival Tent Meetings - August 23rd - 26th, 7 PM to 10 PM. 

Pastor's Corner

It is no secret this past week we took the week to recharge and refresh.  Of course any time I am given the opportunity to get away with my family for a period of time it is a great blessing.  Thank you everyone for allowing us to go.  There are many stories I could tell you of your time away, such as the tent flooding the first night, then having to find a laundry mat to dry some items, or the meals that I cooked for the family and how much I still like to cook.


There is one story though that I want to share.  We always walk the campgrounds we stay in and decide which sites would be awesome for future visits.  On the walk, Johnathan and Jillianna found a bridge that led to a trail.  Johnathan wanted to cross, and Jillianna let him.  He then wanted to continue down the trail.  My initial response was why not, and I asked if he wanted us to follow him down the trail.  There we were a family of intelligent people following our nearly 5-year-old son into the woods onto a trail without being fully prepared, no water, no idea where we were going.  It didn’t take long, and the trail was muddy and then there was a steep incline.  The incline was not that bad, but our fearless leader continued to lead us, well until his legs got tired and then I got the privilege of carrying him up the hill.  He would make sure we sat and rested from time to time and would also help to keep us from muddy spots.  Since we are home it is obvious that we finished the hike.  Overall, it was 3 miles on Bear Mountain and then an additional 2 miles in the campground.


There is such faith in following Jesus.  To us it might seem like we are following someone that doesn’t know the path or the way, however, He perfectly knows how to guide us if we listen and do.

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