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March 12th, 2023 ~ Announcements

  • Men's Ministry - Officially at Stoneleigh; Mondays at 6:30 PM.  Study is open to everyone.

  • ACTION Night - The adults have just started the book of Joel. 6:30 PM on Thursdays.

  • Men's Ministry - Saturday March 25th, 8:30 AM.  Breakfast, worship and a guest speaker.

Pastor's Corner

Thursday evening, we started the book of Joel.  In delivering the overview of the book and setting the vision of our study a couple of themes hit.  One was the order of the book.  Each section of the outline has a progression that leads into the next, Ruin to Repentance to Revival to Restoration.


Many have prayed for Revival in this country for many years.  Many want to see a move of God and experience sudden desperation in people for Jesus in their lives.  The Way Ministries has been moving forward and the dedicated are being positioned for a move of God.  I believe we are one gathering away from revival.  However, are we truly hungry enough, are we dedicated enough, can we be trusted with a true revival?  As your personal hunger for the Lord increases there will be an increase in the desires to live a life without sin, all sin.  Sin will disgust you.  You will hate your sin, no matter how small you may have thought it was in the past.  The cry of your heart will turn from everything else to Jesus.  Only through the hunger for personal repentance and true repentance, can true revival come to an individual. 

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