April 29, 2020


Hello Church Family;


We are nearing the end of April and closing in on that May 15th date.  At this time, we are planning to continue our online only services through that Friday.  There are some silver linings to this whole pandemic and our church we would like to share: 


  1. We now have an online presence through our Sunday Service, ACTION Night, and Fusion being recorded and posted on Facebook and YouTube.

  2. There is a growing community that has been tuning in live or viewing our messages.  Some of the locations are India, Indonesia, Jamaica, the middle east, and other states in our country, and not to mention the countless others in our communities.  This has a lot to do with your evangelistic actions.  Please continue to share with family and friends, or share to your newsfeed.

  3. We have made some technology purchases to continue these in the future to continue to reach people with the gospel message of Jesus.


We don’t know what our reopen will look like at this point; but we are starting to plan.  We will continue to follow our governmental officials’ rules and laws as they change quickly.  Please continue to be patient and pray for us to make wise decisions.  More information will be shared with more details as we get into May. 


In Jesus;


Pastor Dave, Pastor Jacob

Elders, Brian, Dave and Terry