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RE: December 21st, 2020 update


Hello Church Family;


Merry Christmas.  Hard to believe that Christmas is in just a few short days; then we will quickly be entering 2021.


We are continuing to see an uptick in the amount of COVID cases in our communities.  We have no intention of closing our doors again and going completely virtual.  In order to stay open we do need to make wise decisions to make our church as safe as we can in this season. 


We will continue to require masks during the preservice, praise and after-service times and when anyone can’t be more than six feet away from someone they normally don’t spend time with. 


At this time, we have had one confirmed positive in our church a few weeks ago.  The Onondaga Health Department Tracer that followed up said we were doing everything we should be and the exposure was very low to other members. 


We ask that you stay vigilant.  I ask that if you or someone else in your household have any symptoms or are waiting for test results (other than for a medical procedure) that you would not attend church those weeks. No one will think of you as any less brave or strong.  We are doing these things to keep the congregation safe and healthy.


If you are unable to attend we are still live-streaming our services on our Facebook page and then a couple of days later the sermon is posted to YouTube.


If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact me.





Pastor Jacob N. Rashford

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